"In the middle a cross-country move, a wheel bearing on our trailer caught fire and destroyed everything we owned. I lost my computer and my backups. I will never store my backups and my computer in the same place again."
Crashplan is another great online backup service. What makes Crashplan different than others is that it allows you to backup to other destinations than just online.
Unlimited $4.17/month Read Reviews

SugarSync lets you access, sync and share your files from any device. Whether it be your phone, tablet or computer. All your documents, videos, photots and music from ALL your computers are continuously backed up online with SugarSync.
100GB $4.99/month Read Reviews

Their motto is a simple “Set it, Forget it. And Relax”. Just install Carbonite and it start to automatically backup your files without you having to do anything.
Unlimited $8.25/month Read Reviews

Why should you pick Mozy as your online backup service? Backing up your data the old way takes up a lot of time and it’s not secure and you can only do it whenever you remember.
Unlimited $5.99/month Read Reviews

SOS Online Backup is a very unique online storage service. Not only do they offer what other online backup services have, they have a few special features that might make them the better choice.
50GB-150GB $6.66/month Read Reviews

LiveDrive is one of the fastest growing online backup companies recently. They offer a full range of services. Backing up your computer, syncing files across your computers, accessing your files remotely and much more.
UNLIMITED $6.66/month Read Reviews

BackBlaze backs up everything on your computer except your operating system, applications and temporary files. Usually those are easier to recover than the more valuable files like pictures, documents and videos you’ve taken throughout the year.
UNLIMITED $9.95/month Read Reviews

ZipCloud is one of the many online backup companies you can find nowadays but you should consider them as they provide alot of extra bonuses. Try their 14 day trial to start.
Unlimited $3.10/month Read Reviews

MyPCBackup is one the leading companies in online backup. They make online backup simple because everything is automated.
Unlimited $4.49/month Read Reviews

JustCloud is easy to use. You select which files you want to backup and it does it automatically for you. Because it’s online, you can access them anytime you want.
Unlimited $3.95/month Read Reviews

How Much Storage Do I Need?

This varies depending on how many files you have. But since most online storage services have unlimited storage, this is not a concern anymore.

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What’s The Difference Compared To Backing Up To An External Hard Drive?

Most people buy an external hard drive to backup their files off their main computer. This is a good first step but it’s not the best method. External hard drives have the same expected failure rate as the hard drive on your computer most likely. So it’s also just a matter of time before it […]

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Do I Need To Be Connected To The Internet?

Yes. Your computer is most likely always connected to the Internet when it’s on so there’s nothing extra you need to do. The online backup software will work behind the scene and start to backup your computer. Most of the time you won’t even notice it’s there but it’s always there working and backing up […]

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Will My Computer Fail?

It’s a fact that your computer hard drive will eventually crash or fail. With that aside, you risk losing all your information on your computer when that happens. Your car probably has an alarm to protect it from being stolen. You’ve taken steps to protect your house. So you should take the proper steps to […]

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